"This user-friendly DVD collection includes the latest developments for working across differences, and facilitating change practices, within the Human Services. It consists of many voices, perspectives and possibilities. You hear directly from workers, service users and community members on the topic of personal agency within power relations. I'd encourage anyone interested in learning hands-on, inclusive and empowering practices, whether you work with inidividuals, families or groups, to use these DVDs. They have assisted me tremendously."

Kaurobi Pandit MSW, RSW
Mental Health Crisis Worker

Welcome to our exciting LPI Video Selections evolving from personal and practice experiences internationally. These DVDs include many conversations and narratives on power relations, possibilities and practices with themes of hope, resilience and joy. As well as the 'LPI DVD Collection' available within the AOP Joint DVD Project above, the following individual DVDs are available and described below. Please scroll through and see which one is right for you.

The LPI Collection

Package 1: LPI Approach DVD series (4 DVDs)
Price: $1,000 + HST and shipping and handling.

This comprehensive audio-visual collection meets the need for audio-visual resources across settings. THE LPI APPROACH DVD Series consists of 4 DVDs (DVD's 1-6 listed below are consolidated into this 4 disc set). They include diverse voices on topics of Equity and Empowerment, Communication and Change, Self-Care and Social Justice - sharing wisdom on generating transformation at all levels of practice.

Organized as brief video clips, this collection successfully fosters critical self-reflexivity, dialogue and transformative action in teaching, training, counselling, self-help groups, community, policy development and for one's own individual journey. It has been used effectively in practice, training, academic settings and is very useful for distance education and on-line dialogue.

This collection includes a practice framework that is transferable across contexts. Integrating a 7 mapping point system, *Emancipation, Entitlement, Esteem/Expression, Energy of Possibility, Engagement, Efficacy and Exercise of Power - The 7 E's of Liberation - viewers gain a concrete structure to support them in actualizing their liberatory principles in daily practice.

A manual with this DVD will be available to be downloaded upon purchase.


Package 2: LPI Communication Across Differences DVD series (4 DVDs)
Price: $1,000 + HST and shipping and handling.

This series includes Communication in the Home and Workplace, Spirituality and Social Work, Child Welfare: Working Across Differences, Ageism and It's Systemic Impact (DVDs 8-11, details listed below).


Package 3: The LPI Approach Individual Set (7 DVDs)
Includes a bonus DVD presenting an overview of the LPI Approach.
Price: $1,200 + HST and shipping and handling.

This set includes all the information of Package 1, but divides the series into 6 DVDs (DVDs 1-6 as listed below), each covering a main point of the LPI Mapping System for greater convenience and accessibility.

A manual with this DVD will be available to be downloaded upon purchase.


Package 4: All DVDS, Package 1-3 (15 DVDs)
Price: $3,000 + HST and shipping and handling.

Receive all of the packages listed above and the accompanying manuals for download at a discounted price.

DVD Descriptions:

Personal Liberation

This DVD explores how to counter Systemic Chatter (dominant narratives and norms). In deconstructing the Systemic Chatter, power relations are exposed and one's position in relation to them is clarified. By introducing notions such as the Lenses of Objectification, this DVD presents a challenge to dominant ways of knowing and dominant narratives. This DVD is excellent for individuals and groups to examine assumptions they may have about themselves or others that may impact their practice and personal well-being.

Structural Liberation

Through shared conversations, this DVD explores the diverse impact of oppression, while focusing on strategies of resilience and resistance. It explores how Systemic Chatter is historically embedded, yet also present in our everyday practice. Emphasis is placed on the impact of Systemic Chatter on marginalized populations, (whether local or international) as well as the many paths of structural transformation that are possible in moving towards Equity and "Building Home". This is a great video for Human Service Workers and Community Development Workers in acknowledging and addressing structural barriers to well-being.

Relating to Liberate

This DVD incorporates the key themes in relating across differences: acknowledging power relations and personal agency. It moves from acknowledging power relations through Systemic Chatter and Lenses of Objectification, to creating counter-lenses of Recognition, Cultural Attunement and Comfort Level. This DVD is a unique tool aimed at integrating a useful understanding of power relations into everyday practice. This is a useful video to foster skill for all types of relationships. It can be used with groups or for individual self-help purposes.

Action that Liberates

This DVD reflects themes of personal, organizational and structural transformation. It acknowledges powerlessness and discrimination within systemic barriers and organizational constraints. It presents conversations that facilitate an organized, multidimensional approach to change through transformative communication. This is useful when considering organizational change at all levels, whether in the home or in the workplace; and beneficial for community building, incorporating management, staff and community activists.

Holistic Liberation

This DVD mobilizes and merges three areas of the Liberation Practice Curriculum for the purposes of addressing contexts of oppression and stress. The effects of these contexts are acknowledged, while the possibility of collapsing the behaviors that occur within them is explored. With attention to diversity of narrative, this DVD illustrates a method of addressing both individual and collective contextual impacts such as trauma. It explores the dimensions of change, as well as diverse holistic initiatives, including spirituality, transformative healing and self-care towards vitality, possibility, passion, hope and joy. This video is useful across settings, including for individual use.

Capacity-Building for Liberation

This DVD reflects principles, practices and processes that facilitate capacity building for Liberation: Self-Love, Connection, Communal Love and Transformative Action. It acknowleges oppressive power relations while providing space for personal agency. Here, specific tools are offered called the S's of Engagement. The aim is to help achieve capacity building - personally, relationally and structurally. This video is excellent for fostering insight and concrete practices regarding leadership and community capacity skill building. It can also be used individually for self-help purposes.

The 7 E's of Liberation

Through conversations and narratives, this DVD follows a brief journey through the seven processes of Liberation and their interrelationship with the seven Chakras, (energy points). It gives a holistic understanding of how the Liberation Practice curriculum can be understood as caring for one's personal energy. This video is useful acorss contexts and can be used individually for self-help purposes.



This DVD focuses on communication processes in the home and in the workplace. It explores many of the constraints that arise within stressed contexts. This DVD features multiple conversations to facilitate insight into addressing these constraints. Enriched by a discussion of practical counter-action within the seven processes of Liberation, the viewer gains a concrete map for family and workplace wellness. This video is useful for any workplace setting and can also be used by parents to enhance their relationship with their children and partners.


DVD 9 Spirituality and Social Work
Video Length: 13 min.

This educational video presents a conversation with LPI's Curriculum Coordinator, Jana Vinsky and LPI's Director Dianne Prevatt-Hyles, discussing spirituality and social work practice. Discussions include the role of spirituality in building connection across differences and in providing hope even in the face of grave social injustice. The importance of acknowledging spiritual diversity, including the differing meanings to the term "spiritual", is also raised. The discussion centralizes the need to honour differences of identity, while attempting to connect within the oneness of our humanity. This video is an excellent tool to foster inquiry into the place of spirituality within the Human Services in relation to issues of diversity, marginalization and social justice.


DVD 10 Child Welfare: Working Across Differences
Video Length: 19 min.

This educational video presents a conversation with LPI's Curriculum Coordinator, Jana Vinsky and Social Work Theorist and Practitioner, Beverly - Prevatt Goldstein. The video includes anti-racism considerations for working across cultures within a child welfare context. Issues of state intervention, notions of childhood, definitions of parentification and child abuse are some of the important topics explored. Similarly, the idea of "cultural competency" is challenged and a client determined approach to understanding another's culture is provided. This video is excellent in supporting Human Service Providers to think critically in their engagement with clients when working across cultural and social locations.


DVD 11 Ageism and Its Systemic Impact
Video Length: 24 min.

This educational video presents a conversation with LPI's Curriculum Coordinator, Jana Vinsky and the president of Concerned Friends of Ontario Citizens of Care Facilities, Lois Dent. Issues of systemic discrimination within the Human Services towards elderly people, including within Nursing Homes, Home Care, as well as within the medical and legal systems, are explored. The discussion also includes the devaluation of aging within consumer capitalist cultures and its relevance to processes of globalization. Issues of marginalization and diversity are highlighted as paramount to building effective service delivery for elderly people. Concrete practices for Human Service Workers are also provided. This educational video is not only ideal for generating consciousness regarding ageism when working with elderly people, but is also an invaluable tool to introduce students to the implications of using only a medical, technical and individual model in the delivery of care.



For more information about these videos, contact Jana Vinsky at jvinsky@liberationeducation.com


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