That's Life: A Life Skills Development 8-part Video Series

This high-quality product that is the vision of the first Director of Life Skills, seeks to support all who are interested in the development of life skills in themselves and /or in others. Facilitators, parents, and young people will love these eight (8) short five (5)minute videos as they enter vicariously into the lives of this single-parent family of two teenagers who are as bright as you and have some of the same life challenges as you may: e.g. goal-setting, money management, anger management . Each video is based on a key Life Skills theme which can be integrated into a Life Skills session and used as a catalyst for discussion and internalisation of life skills. The public, the parent, the youth will love these videos that are true to life and about situations they empathise with and which can lead to positive decision making and social action. These videos supplement the Life Skills Training courses and the Life Skills Training Reflective Workbook. The 8 themes of the short videos are

1. Anger management
2. Caring for the Environment
3. Sexuality and Sexual Health
4. Job Search and Interview
5. Drug education
6. Money management
7. Goal setting
8. Parenting and Family Life

Each video present a lively scenario that causes you to reflect and consider the available choices and decisions possible. Viewers may be led to do action research in their life situations as they reflect on their own actions and decide on possible choices and their consequences; reflect on the result of the solutions tried and move on to even better decisions-making. The song composed by youth and sung at the beginning of each video sets the context for questioning and reflection:

" What do you do when you see something happening and just know it's not right?
How do you act when life is not fair to you? Do you crumble or attack?
In the end it's the choices you make. Life is much better when you learn from your mistakes. That's life. All that you do. All that you make of it. All that you are.
That's life. A trouble and a joy. Our lives. That's life."

1. Anger Management


2. Environment


3. Sexuality


4. Job Search & Interview


5. Drug Education


6. Money Management


7. Goal Setting


8. Parenting & Family Life